Technical Support

Research and Development

pango has been implementing strict quality requirements, continuously research and develop home healthcare products, always pays attention to market combination and keeps strict in technical requirements, so as to fight for market share in accordance with laws of the market. We are committed to developing all smart real voice electronic sphygmomanometer series, cervical therapeutic apparatus series, smart massage glasses series, smart bra series, smart body shaping belt series and other products, as well as constantly develops new products for family health to enhance the market competitiveness of pango.

Main Targets and Reports

A professional quality assurance team would test and review, repeatedly improve product quality and submit the final product results for review in each design and production, and each review will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of customers.

Rigorous Testing

Rigorous testing is to make products in line with production regulations, finally control through different programs, and then release new products to the market.


Original Production Order

We welcome and accept all kinds of different original production orders.

Quality Control

In the production process, we shall not accept any defective products. All tests must be submitted a test report and all programs from production startup to finished products shall be tracked and tested by our quality inspectors so as to ensure product quality, The purpose is to ensure trust and confidence from the customers of pango.

Complaints and Suggestions

Since 2000, we are growing while hoping to get your feedback on our products. If you have any comments and suggestions, please contact us by the e-mail box:

Technical Support and Services

All products of pango will enjoy our warranty services. Our technical personnel and customer service personnel will always maintain the good service attitudes to win customer satisfaction for any customer’s inquiries. Customer Service Phone: 4006607370 or 0755-33825988