Climbing a new height - 12th Anniversary Factory Day of Pangao Electronics Co., Ltd.

Writer:PangoSource:Paogo Date:2012-05-28 11:56

On the morning of May 26, with a crisp whistle, the climbing competition among all the staffs kicked off to celebrate the 12th Anniversary Factory Day of Pango. The staff teams led by their respective department heads mighty marched to the peak of the Mountain Yuan. In the competition, the players were all full of energy and vied with each other, reflecting their hard-fighting sense of competition and struggle; meanwhile, members of the teams help each other and move ahead together in the course, fully reflecting good teamwork spirit.

After over an hour of intense competition, we reached the terminal in succession, and the event not only exercised everyone's physical fitness, alleviated the pressure of work, honed the staffs, promoted communications and exchanges among them, but also created a healthy and positive team atmosphere, enhanced team cohesion and shaped the Company's unique "Pango" spirit.


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