Zhao Zhongxiang , the Famous CCTV Host, Made an Inspection to Pango

Writer:PangoSource:Paogo Date:2011-07-17 12:24

  On July 16, 2011,Zhao Zhongxiang, the famous CCTV host, visited Shenzhen Pango Electronic Co., Ltd.

   After a site visit to the patch, binding, plastic injection and molding workshops, etc., Mr. Zhao was quite satisfied to the integrated industry chain and production processes of Pango Electronic, completely accredited the corporate strength and maintained very optimistic about the development prospects of Pango Electronic.

   Mr. Zhao was very carefully in terms of endorsement, and never served as spokesperson for the health care industry. When learning the high-quality electronic sphygmomanometer products of Pango Electronic and the current seriously rampant situation of cardiovascular disease in China, he hoped to call for the younger generation to pay more attention to the healthy  blood pressure of their parents and to truly interpret their filial piety through his own influence, and thus chose to become an exclusive image spokesperson of Pango Electronic in the industry.


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