Pango Electronic Launches the Latest Smart Massage Glasses

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On the basis of the original "sparkling" massage glasses and through painstaking research of its R & D team, Shenzhen Pango Electronic Co., Ltd. gradually updates and improves its product technologies, and invited an Australian designer who ever won the European design award "Red Dot" to join the design so as to offer the product with a more attractive and more novel appearance, thus developing the latest smart massage glasses - PG -2404G, favored by the majority of consumers.
  The PG -2404G smart massage glasses, according to Chinese meridian theory and through pneumatic massage, vibrating ball massage and repeated and cross cycles of thermotherapy as well as temple and eye acupuncture points massage, may stimulate and exercise brain cells and optic nerves, alleviate ciliary muscle fatigue, and relieve brain fatigue, dizziness, headache and other symptoms caused by long-time cerebration.
  Since listing, the products have generated great effect in teenagers, white-collar workers and the elderly population and won consistent praise from consumers, thereby the product sales increases steadily.
Air pressure massage: Innovatively apply air pressure massage, enhance comfort, help relieve tight muscles, and make massage coverage more comprehensive
Far infrared thermotherapy: Apply far-infrared light waves suitable for the human body, promote blood circulation, relieve tension and ease headaches and dizziness
Vibrating massage: Rhythmic movement of the same frequency may promote micro-circulation, make the body effectively exercise and restore energy
Temple pressing: Just like a skillfully professional masseur kneading important points, so as to promote meridian and blood, relieve fatigue and improve sleep
Magnetic effect: The built-in health magnets may balance the autonomic nervous system to enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity and improve the nutritional status of tissues
Music downloading: Support MP3 download so that you can choose your favorite music and thus enjoy a comfort and relaxed atmosphere of rest
Mp3 function: Besides operating for eye massage, the controller can independent play music under the power-off state of massage glasses

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