Pango Electronic firstly launched the world's newest smart remote cervical therapeutic apparatus

Writer:PangoSource:Paogo Date:2015-10-10 12:39
Shenzhen Pango Electronic Co., Ltd. recently launched the world's newest cervical therapeutic apparatus -- PG-2601B7, which was personally presided over the design by an Australian designer who ever won the European design award "Red Dot" and has a new and beautiful appearance.
   This product is designed based on ergonomics, is beautiful, scientific and in line with the neck curve, and makes wearing more comfortable and more convenient; the adoption of the four-in-one resynchronization therapy like far infrared hot compress, low-frequency electrical pulse, vibrating massage and magnetic effect forms an efficient complex energy field; in addition, there are also four kinds of automatic combination therapy mode and six kinds of manual therapy mode available for your choice according to different needs and suitable for a bigger crowd.
   The new cervical therapeutic apparatus released by Pango Electronic can promote local blood circulation, relax local muscles, and reach the effect of anti-inflammation, anti-swelling, ease pain and fatigue removal. Since its release, it is sought after in the market, soar in the sales and make more and more consumers get rid of the troubles of various cervical diseases.
Vibrating massage: Rhythmic movement of the same frequency may promote micro-circulation, make the body effectively exercise and restore energy
Far infrared thermotherapy: Apply far-infrared light waves suitable for the human body, promote blood circulation, relieve tension and ease headaches and dizziness
Electric pulse massage: The electric pulse massage simulates a variety of traditional Chinese medicine massage techniques to promote local blood circulation, relax local muscles and make massage coverage more comprehensive
Magnetic effect: The built-in health magnets may balance the autonomic nervous system to enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity and improve the nutritional status of tissues, playing a variety of health effects

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